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How to live in a desert: that is the topic of this project, dramatically far from any city and surrounded just by dry nature; this land is a surrealistic but real territory: Patagonia, in south Argentina. This city was imagined as a reaction against the idea of any urbanisation. The buildings are scattered and shaped in a way that it becomes difficult to distinguish "natural" forms from the "artificial" ones (an accepted topic that should be discussed at some point). Some are bizarre, sometimes erotic, always elegant and curvaceous: in these latitudes, the wind whispers -or roars- from every direction. This project is an anticipation of the "Architectural Fictions" research, from 1999, and a fundamental piece of the consistent style reached by Pouchulu in the new millennium, where architecture adapts to the dramatic Climate Change scenario. see project

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1-Catastrophe  2-Re-balance  3-Survival  4-Energy  5-11-billion  6-Bikes  7-Whose side are you on?

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