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Mirador de Atardeceres
A viewing point, a belvedere for contemplating the sunsets. A space placed on the top of a hill, over the magnificent view of the Andes' base, in the "Precordillera". The project is supposed to be placed in front of a big valley and not close to any highway. It is partially covered by natural stones of the place, like the ones of the floor, which were cut and polished. This project is for selling. The complex includes four and five stars services Hotel, a restaurant specialised in Argentinean meat, and a Bath. The main space is covered by a shell and it is surrounded by a "smart" curtain-wall that controls the sunset light. The building is a kind of sophisticated refuge dedicated to the beauty of nature, is a project thought and designed in honour of a forgotten God: the Sun.   EN   ES

architect: PATRICIO POUCHULU / project: 1996 /area: 2.100 sqm / location: Mendoza - Argentina / budget: 3.500.000 / status: for selling / Copyright Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2001