Valhall House
This project is a Convention Centre for international female business managers. It is a sensual space for exploring and thinking about the future. Norway is a pioneer in different social fields: in redefining women's public position; in holding quite intelligent conservationist concepts, and in creating attractive weekend leisure activities. The interior space -like a camera's lens- seems to observe and inspect the fjord. It calls our attention about the difficult relation between progress and nature. In winter there is a strong game between bright colours and plain surfaces, setting a dialogue with the rough and dark exterior. This project re-thinks the influence of colour in our delicate perception of reality. So, objects and things can change our mood depending on their colour frequency... Valleys and stones somehow face an empty landscape; this building seems to appear naked in the middle of that situation.   DE   EN   ES   FR

architect: POUCHULU / project: 2003 / area: 1.570 sqm / location: Hardangerfjord, Norway / budget: / £ 2.300.000 (estimated March 2008) / status: looking for investor / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2003

H a r d a n g e r f j o r d   -   N o r w a y   -   2 0 0 3