In order to survive it is imperative to create and build a re-balanced environment, rather than "sustainable"; the verb sustain means to "support, carry, stand, underpin" which defines an incomplete, unfinished activity, on the contrary, we must repair and rebalance in order to achieve a new ecological equilibrium. This requires unfriendly decisions which, if applied, will not change the destruction path initiated. The pre-human natural scenario is long finished. (see graphic: climate science timeline). We have to adapt to what is left. The inertia of the environmental damage produced cannot be stopped. Two actions must be taken: first, we have to live with the consequences of our industrial civilization, eliminating all highly contaminant industrial production, optimizing the rest; second, we must change our precarious habitat conscience to avoid further damage in the future. Oceans, land and atmosphere have been modified beyond turning-back possibilities. Geo-engineering (intervening climate in global magnitude) is not an option. Agricultural lands, coastal and river populated areas will not remain the same. To re-balance what will be left must be our objective, and stop pollution forever, a command. (page 3 of 7)

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Climate Science timeline