Future habitat will navigate in three channels: first, each building will generate its own green energy. By doing so, 40% of all energy produced worldwide will be saved; second, current social energy needs -absurdly exaggerated- will be reduced; third, energy sources must be not only green but multiple. New low voltage artefacts will include different type of batteries or none at all, because current ones are 100% non-recyclable. Irons and microwaves are not allowed. Plastic furniture is not ecological. Wood-based industries must be explored, optimizing the process of growing and producing, because trees are the only renewable source of building material. To plant three trees, to exploit one. World forests can be recovered in about 100 years, if specific "front" resistant trees species survive the new extreme temperature conditions and also to grow on carbon-saturated soils produced by fires, like the ones registered in Alaska, Canada, Siberia, Patagonia, Spain, Australia and New Zealand in the last 10 years, that consumed 7% of natural forest reservoirs due to high temperatures (see graphic: measurements of global temperature) and dry weather. (page 4 of 7)

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Varios meassurments of Global Temperature