We face a non-returning catastrophic Habitat event produced by 10.000 years of constant deforestation and 200 years of intensive pollution. Even if the Earth's temperature is mostly regulated by the Sun and its cycles of warm and hybernation (11, 70, 206 and 2.300 years, according to different scientists), the greenhouse effect produced by contamination of the upper atmosphere is causing positive feedback events (see graphic: warming of the oceans), visible in several fronts: Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland melting, receding glaciers and mountain snow, stronger hurricanes and storms, oceans acidification (by chemicals), desertification of agricultural areas and the dramatic extinction of vertebrate and invertebrate species by the dominant species (us). Sea level is not fully understood and there are opposed views. Even if we consider that 'Global Warming' was simultaneously caused by the last Sun's warm cycle and by Civilization, at the actual path of Habitat destruction we face an Extinction event because of overpopulation, over-exploitation and contamination. Unlike the previous Earth's five mass extinction events known, the present one is man-made. They were: 1-End-Ordovician, 443 million years ago, 2-Late Devonian, -360M, 3-Permian-Triassic, -250M, 4-Triassic-Jurassic -200M, 5-Cretaceous-Tertiary -65M. An immense amount of biodiversity is lost every day, at a speed 10.000 times faster that those previous events; most of it will be gone in as little as three human lifetimes. The majority of scientists are aware of this, but people ignore it or are skeptical. (page 1 of 7)

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Warming of the Oceans