Our mission is to create innovative architectural projects that change the paradigm of what we consider as "desirable environment" into what we define as "re-balanced Eco-habitat". This involves a complete change of industrial production parameters by stopping the use of current fossil energy sources, still developing obsolete twentieth century electric networks. During its transportation 40% of all high voltage electricity in the world is lost, and another 30% by using transformers to plug our low voltage home appliances in 220 Volts (energy dissipated as heat). The whole infrastructure fed by oil and plastic-related industry must be dismounted and re-developed. Fittings and furniture must stop using plastic as main material, to be replaced with wood and derivates. There is no indication that such decisions are being considered. All the industrial process contaminates. Carbon foot print is in the extraction (30%), production (40%), transportation (20%) and advertising (10%). The greenhouse effect has been altered by pollution, mainly carbon dioxide. (page 2 of 7)

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Greenhouse gases effect understanding