By 2040 about 1/3 of world population will struggle due to lack of food. Many will migrate to higher areas. If man-made Global Warming affect us as most expect, by 2075 we will face a (minimum) 3 degrees temperature rise, not far from the dangerous 6 degrees massive extinction limit. We already entered the second degree rise. Depopulation in all continents will be unavoidable due to famine and non-adequate shelter. This is a conservative scenario, not the worst, and it has been anticipated by experts and scientists from UN, NOOA (NASA), Max Planck Institute, JMA and many researchers. (see graphic of Carbon Dioxide in atmosphere). Other scentists understand that it is the Sun (not us) that regulates Earth's temperture, in 11, 70, 206 and 2.300 years cycles. In any of these dramatic scenarios of climate change, by global warming or global cooling (we might be entering a solar hibernation period by 2020) we urgently must consider three main issues in order to survive, covering transport, travel, housing and energy. MOBILITY: people will use bikes, light small green vehicles with no batteries and trains. SHELTER: temporary and permanent heat-wind-water-resistant architecture will be needed, most of it manufactured in assembly lines. ENERGY: each house will produce its own LV power. (page 6 of 7)

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Atmospheric carbon dioxide