The Cyclotel concept was created by Pouchulu in 2007. After a long research it started to be developed in 2012. It is the first shelter chain in the world designed exclusively for cyclists. Each hotel is placed along cycling routes and close to major train stations. The Cyclotel offers a different, new way of visiting Europe while cycling, introducing the idea of green holidays, creating short, medium or long-range trips in specialized hotels where cyclists can sleep with their bikes. Bicycles are 100% eco-friendly… represented here in a 100% green building: the first industrialized hotel not consuming electricity from the public grid. Each Cyclotel is part of one cycling route chain; some are built close to train stations. Round, light, modular, made of light materials, the Cyclotel is inspired in Victorian structures, following bicycle's "aesthetics": tensors, bolts, bright colours, polished details. Rooms are made of high-tech pre-fabricated panels mounted on site in a few days. Each hotel can be re-located, becoming mobile if necessary when mounted in conservation areas. Energy and illuminating systems run with low-voltage in a high ecological approach. This enterprise is supported by the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club), the TU/e Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and cycling organizations.  DE   EN   ES   FR   PO

architect: POUCHULU / structural design: PATRICK TEUFFEL ENGINEERS, Stuttgart & Berlin, in tandem with the TU/e Technische Universiteit Eindhoven / senior engineer consultant: NICK MACLEAN / business plan: CHARLES WESTON, Uk / project: 2007 & 2012-18 / status: in progress / total area per unit: 1.000 sqm / cost per unit: confidential / Copyright ©Pouchulu 2012

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