Torre TTC
This Tower is a Commercial and Touristic centre, where public offices from different State-run organisms work with private organisations and companies to promote foreign trade in Argentina. The external belts hold escalators and staircases that link different levels and areas in a stunning way: from far, the tower looks dynamic. The South vertical module (left) incorporates tourist offices, the North module has the commercial ones. For the first time, local and foreign visitors can obtain diverse information in one single space; they can relate with all industrial activity produced in the country. The building has thematic restaurants all along, and a viewing point at the top, and a full range of services. This proposal and its size can be adapted to smaller countries. The TTC Tower is a counter-reaction to excessive virtual information and management. The lack of face to face communication is producing serious troubles worldwide; it is one of the causes of recent economic problems: computers trade with computers, based on self-generated statistics… Pouchulu expects this project to complement commercial virtuality: the World comes to Buenos Aires to meet its people and its companies in a futuristic and emblematic building.   DE   EN   ES   FR

architect: ARCHITECT / potential client: Ministerios de Turismo e Industria de la Nación / project: 2011 / status: / project / location: Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina / total area: 27.000 sqm / total budget: €127.000.000 / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2011

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