Bamiyan Cultural Centre
The Bamiyan Cultural Centre is a Bridge, because it connects past and future, allowing visitors to walk on its roof, reaching the great Buddah Cliff view, in permanent dialogue with the valley's history. The building develops a single space, following the rich sheltered bazaar typology: this honours one of the most important eastern anthropological qualities that explains the islamic spirit: the journey. A grand amphitheater, placed articulating the upper and the lower site levels, transforms the Valley in a natural stage. After passing the gate, visitors walk by the 34 Provinces Park and reaching the columnated lobby. From this roofed hall they either go to: Performing wing, Amphitheater (outdoors), or Exhibition wing; once there, visitors submerge in a trip, softly descending through exhibition terraces: Information, Tea House (Glass Cube, indoors-outdoors), Permanent Exhibition Terraces, Research, Library, Quiet Rooms, and in the lower level, temporary collection, facing the "eye" window that frames the Buddah Cliff, now mirrored on a water pool. The ethnological displays are at the left hand side, historical artefacts, opposite. Functions are on "free plan" platforms (research, library, rooms), flexible, divided by light panels. All rooms directly face the Buddah Cliff (performing, tea house, exhibition) or indirectly (research, library). The space is connected through staircases and a multipurpose central ramp. This concept of global living offers Afghans a unique sense of unity. Like the Khyber Pass, that forced them to be in a lifelong friction with foreigners, this building is also a passage, a statement where different cultures can share a space in peace.  EN   ES   FR

architect: POUCHULU / structural engineer: Patrick Teuffel, structural engineer consultant: NICK MACLEAN, London / location: Bamiyan, Afghanistan / funding: Republic of Korea / project: 2014-15 / status: competition / total area: 2.400 sqm / budget: U$2.400.000 / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2015

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