Olive House
This project is not far from Regensburg, formerly the Celtic city Radasbona, then the Roman trading centre and fortress Castra Regina, finally the seat of the dukes of Bavaria. Due perhaps to their mystical landscape, Bavarians developed a unique sense of romantic symbolism. This Natural Science Research Centre is placed near the famous Walhalla, downstream the Danube. The structure is made of reinforced concrete and wooden sub-structures covered by a glossy titanium membrane: it reflects the Alpine flower field all over the year, changing colours. (picture: meadow in summer). The flat gap down the building is the entrance, and it goes directly to the front Studio, full of desks and shelves (observatory room, studios, museum). A curved metallic staircase leads first to the back (service, laboratories) and then goes upstairs to the living area (kitchen, bedrooms). There are only two long windows gaps wrapping the body, so while walking around the perimeter, scientist and visitors can follow the panoramic, stunning views.   DE   EN   ES   FR

architect: POUCHULU / project: 2006-07 / location: Walhalla, Bavaria, Germany / area: 750 sqm / budget: confidential / Copyright © Pouchulu Architect 2007

N e a r   t h e   W a l h a l a   -   B a v a r i a   -   G e r m a n y   -   2 0 0 6