Blau Hotel
P i n a m a r   -   A r g e n t i n a   -   2 0 0 0
This project is about "outdoors" lifestyles in the beach. It shows an organic composition of single-shaped oval elements. A "moving" space surrounds a big stone. It is placed on the sand, in front of the sea. The form reflects the atmospheric effects of the ocean and becomes bluish. Inside, the sunlight is filtered and "touches" the space. The centre of each guest-room captures a wide viewing angle, around 165 degrees. It is interesting to point how the lines go along the surfaces, giving the impression of an expanding morphology, somehow an "out of time", futurist form. The delicacy of the skin shows as well an artificial object, clearly detached from nature. This visionary project also explores the idea of contrast and balance between an industrial object and its natural environment.   DE   EN   ES   FR

architect: POUCHULU / project: 1989-97-2000 / area: 1.390 sqm / location: Pinamar - Atlantic Ocean / budget: not specified / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2001