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Edificio Central
According to Gabriel García Márquez, Buenos Aires can be considered "The Capital of an Empire that never existed". This project could be the Central Building for that Empire, but actually is thought for what Buenos Aires represents today: a primary node in the world's communication network. It is a place where the whole information of Argentina might be kept: research, political and economical data, true and false statistics.The futurist profile softly evolves giving the impression of different kind of skins, hiding a multi-functional body. Following again the idea of a city within a building, office-spaces, television channels, radios, auditoriums and internet services are placed in between large vertical recreational spaces or Atrium. It is an experiment in the language of skyscrapers: reinforced concrete, steel and translucent semi-structural aluminium shells define the body. Each level is, functionally, more than a link, as each one differs from the other. The surfaces and the whole interior permanently change, conforming a fascinating spatial description of a new state of urban architecture, looking for the Twenty-first Century.   EN   ES

architect: POUCHULU / project 1992 (rev. 1994) /area: 41.300 sqm location: Buenos Aires / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2001