Jan 1978 - BUENOS AIRES / D E M O L I T I O N - A sad moment: Patricio's school, Instituto Renard, is finally demolished. In middle 1973 he was transferred to La Salle Primary school, and this year he starts the Secondary, but he never liked its scale and odd religious background. He loved the Renard, an artistic, vanguardist and secular School, indubitable one of the best of that time in Buenos Aires. (See: 1969).

Jun 1978 - BUENOS AIRES / L O G O - ARGENTINA'78. World Cup. Pouchulu (13 years old) discovers the social paranoia about football, he suspects sports are a sublimation of primitive fights. He dislikes the crowd (unless from far) but enjoys the cool graphic designs of that time, including the official logo, still influenced by clear, lines of the rationalist German movement. He enjoys crossing tourists in the streets of Buenos Aries.

April 1978 - SÃO PAULO / S A N T O   A N D R É -  Vanessa Balbino de Oliveira iis born in April, daugther of Damaris, São Paulo (1951), and Leandro, São Paulo, (1953).

* Unscrupulous bureaucrats (lead by former Mayor Cacciatore) decided to extend the 9 de Julio avenue, not noticing that the urban impact in the area was devastating, and due to the location of the French Embassy and Palacio Alzaga Unzue, it was better and logical to keep the Renard school in the corner, fraiming the urban space.