Mar 1969 - BUENOS AIRES /  I N S T I T U T O   R E N A R D  - Pouchulu studied at the extraordinary school Instituto Renard* from 1969 till 1973 (Kindergarten to third year primary school). In 1971 Patricio painted a series of landscapes of mountains, valleys, volcanos and cities, full of colour, wit and a marvellous sense of space. Pouchulu reckons these foundation years as the most decisive in his academic life. His art teacher is Susana Algañaraz. (See: 1970).

* The school was founded by Josefina E. M. de Renard, She was a pioneer educator who studied vanguardist teaching methods in Argentina, The United States and Europe. She became the first educator in the continent working with multi-disciplinary pedagogic systems and conceptual exercises, based on audio-visual programmes. Placed in the beautiful French neoclassical building on the corner of Cerrito y Posadas, the Renard had an artistic and humanistic profile: theatre, painting and sculpture workshops, music (Maria Teresa Corral), modern mathematics, science and literature courses. Pupils' desks were placed freely within the rooms; creativity and inspiration were the basis of education.