Apr 1970 - BUENOS AIRES - S C H Ö N E R   W O H N E N  - Carmen (Patricio's mother) is a skilled draftsman and painter. She collects rare objects, both antique and modern. She is subscribed to the monthly German magazine Schöner Whonen. This publication presents the best interiors and industrial designs: featuring masters like Joe Colombo and Vernon Paton. The 1970 series is considered today a collector's piece. She stimulates Patricio to explore its pages, allowing him to freely draw little colourful schemes on them.*

Mar 1970 - BUENOS AIRES - I N S T I T U T O   R E N A R D - Patricio enjoys the last kindergarden year at Instituto Renard, particularly music and art classes; he works on a wonderful series of colour paintings. (See: 1969).

Jan 1970 - PINAMAR / T R I P  - The Pouchulu family goes every summer, to Pinamar**, a cozy resort in the South Atlantic. Great beaches, young pine tree forests and of pure air. Thou the water is not too warm, Patricio (five years old) spends hours walking and collecting small shells. He remembers these as his best holidays ever. During the day he builds sand castles; in the evening he draws houses within forests... The strong presence of the bright sun, endless space and the unique turquouise colour of the majestic ocean calls his attention.

* Pouchulu recognises the 70's German scenery as the most important influence in his early years. Around 1970, Germany concentrates the highest level of creativity integrated with industry, relating contemporary design within traditional environments. The masification of excellence in design only happened in Germany, and at that time: they completed the creative circle: thinking, designing, making, distributing and promoting; elegant and functional ideas were available for mass consumption at accessible prizes.

** Pinamar was founded and designed in 1945 by Mario Bunge.