Nov 1973 - BUENOS AIRES / S U M B A R I N E  - Patricio initiates a research about submarines and the sea, his first love... He draws works on the plans of two medium size submarines (nuclear powered), one called Triton (probably after some movie). In future years he will continue drawing and designing ships, submarines and houses. He watches the incredible program The Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau*, every Friday, when they submerge... he feels like exploring a new world.

Jul 1973 - BUENOS AIRES /  W A L K  S - Patricio, walking with his mother Carmen, meets Guy Williams and talks with him. Guy, the beloved actor who played and eternized El Zorro, went to Buenos Aires and fell in love with the city and like many foreigners, decided to stay there the rest of his life.

Mar 1973 - BUENOS AIRES /  I N S T I T U T O   R E N A R D  - Patricio starts his fifth creative year at Instituto Renard. (See: 1969). **

* Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) was a French naval officer, explorer, ecologist and researcher who studied the oceans and inspired many generations, opening the doors to Oceanography and Ecology, as known today. His films in the sixties and seventies were followed by millions of people, every week.

** He is transfered around the middle of the year to La Salle School. (personal reasons).