Dec 1972 - BUENOS AIRES /  W A L K  S - Those years in Barrio Norte and Recoleta are fascinating: quiet and adventurous at the same time. Carmen and Patricio often go for walks in the afternoons along Calle Posadas and Avenida Alvear, passing by the (cozy) Galería Alvear and beautiful Plaza Francia. In the weekends, far echoes from cool hippies, soft incense stick and the sound of drums and electronic progressive music can be heared in the park. Patricio will find those sounds twenty-seven years later, while living in Munich, Bavaria.

Mar 1972 - BUENOS AIRES /  I N S T I T U T O   R E N A R D  - Patricio starts his fourth great year at Instituto Renard. He is interested in ocean life and ships. (See: 1969).