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This auditorium became part of the "Architectural Fictions" research in an unexpected way: a basic fictional form -thought as a performing space- reached at some point the state of a fiction. A curious process, exactly the opposite from what we usually expect a design to be. However, the project continued its journey: it's been revised and developed as a large auditorium in Korea. The entrance is underneath the main volume. The stage is in a semi-peripherical position; there are several circular platform surrounding it. A long and soft ramp goes down to the exit or up to the restaurant and viewing point, at the top of the theatre. Following a Korean tradition, the different spaces are linked, but just, so they remain differentiated; the approaching sequence allows the visitor to unveil the space.   EN   ES

architect: POUCHULU / project: 1999 / area: not specified / location: Keoul - South Korea / budget: not specified / status: design in progress / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2001