P O U C H U L U ' S   D E E D
We face a catastrophic Habitat event produced by 10.000 years of constant deforestation and 200 years of intensive pollution. Industries and human habitat did not change direction when they had to, triggering devastating positive feedback effects: unstable temperatures, ocean acidification, land and water contamination and other dozen factors will not allow the survival of our Civilization, as we know it. The greenhouse effect exists, our atmosphere is thin and fragile. The non-linear solar cycles of warming and hybernation that occur every 11, 70, 206 and 2.300 years (according to different scientists) can explain the extent of recent climate events, but not totally. We must stop burning fossil fuels, while saving power and logistics, considering the logic of structures, local materials, minimum transportation and clean passive energy. Marshall McLuhan anticipated that the speed of electronic information was catapulting perception, conscience and knowledge, while Jacques-Yves Cousteau alerted about the Seas agony. Virtual reality is deactivating children's writing and interpreting capabilities. We got trapped in mimic information. Habitat has a fragile "psyche". By 2040 three billion people will not have food nor shelter because of our presence as invasive species, over-population, over-exploitation, contamination and vulnerable infrastructure. Most vertebrate and invertebrate species started the process of extinction and will not survive the next few decades. This is the real world already visible on TV and the Internet. Like vegetables, people won't react. The so called "social networks" are nefarious: ultimately, they are used to subtly monitor and dictate people's life. My projects anticipate an incoming hostile Habitat: we have to learn how to survive in a hot desert, under snow or on water. Consumerists habits will perish. A new generation of large sailing ships will be back. We will create re-balanced bike-cities that will exploit sustainable resilient forests and intensive agriculture, where feasible. Technology and resources will be used for monitor and sustain life form systems. Unlike Nature, we can anticipate scenarios and react, somehow we must adapt to a new dramatic environment. Historical architectural principles are my guide; the nature of things and rational thinking, my path for understanding.

Pouchulu architect

photo: late afternoon autumn sky over Primrose Hill, London, UK. Copyright Pouchulu.