Patricio's Cabins
The new Cyclotel version is vaguely inspired in the first concept (created in 2007 and developed in 2012). Each unit is modular and form an eight-station loop of minimum 8 units, up to (maximum) 24 units. Like former versions, it can be placed in any cycling route and close to villages and train stations. Each Cyclotel becomes part of one or many cycling routes. Its structure is made of protruded organic plastics. Rooms are larger, but still in between a camp tent and a hotel room. Like in all versions, modules and clusters can be re-located, becoming mobile if necessary. Energy and illuminating systems run with low-voltage.. DE   EN   ES   FR   

architect: POUCHULU / structural design: NICK MACLEAN / status: in progress / area per module: 15 sqm / cost per unit: confidential / Copyright © Pouchulu 2020

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