Cyclotel Base
This Cyclotel is an extended version of the standard unit developed between 2007 and developed in 2012). Each building is modular and form a 16 cabins loop, up to (maximum) 100 cabins. Like the former version, it can be placed in any cycling route, however, as it is the base -of anchor- unit, it stands close to cities and train stations. Its structure is made of protruded organic plastics, which, compared with steel, weight just 30% and reaches 80% of its strength. Rooms are slightly larger than those in the standard unit. Energy and illuminating systems run with low-voltage.  DE   EN   ES   FR 

architect: POUCHULU / structural design: Nick Maclean / status: in progress / area per unit: 1700 sqm / cost per unit: confidential / Copyright © Pouchulu 2017

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