L a   P a m p a   -   A r g e n t i n a   -   1 9 9 6
La Pampa is a huge flat natural territory as big as France. It has a large industrial and agricultural infrastructure and it is inhabited by sixty million cows. This Auditorium stands alone in the prairie, 33 kilometres from Santa Rosa. It is surrounded by the endless horizon. A small wood appears at the east. This performing space is formed by a semi-translucent bubble made of a steel-glass curved net, partially covered by glossy aluminium. During the day the surfaces reflect the strong sunlight that pre-announces the desertic winds from Patagonia. The Auditorium is placed in a boundary, in between the "known World" and the very south of the World. The shell contains four elements: the main Theatre (one thousand seats), the stage area (which is partially open) and a transitional area along the inner skin, where a descending spiral connects the room with corridors and balconies; this transforms the passive act of listening or watching into the possibility of walking through a space made of sound: before, during or after the playing (specially if you enjoy far, deepness sounds within a theatre). The ground floor is a flexible space that links the entrance with the entertainment area at the top of the building, from where you can see the horizon from above... but not the end of it. EN   ES

architect: Pouchulu / project: 1996 / location: La Pampa - Argentina / area: 5.100 sqm / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2001