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Pampa House
The Pampas are a land of solitude. This project appears as a lost mark on the flat landscape. A minor fault in the land, in fact, is the starting point to develop the scheme's morphological process. It is a house for a musician and her family, and actually it can be interpreted as as a sort of "harmonic box". This object represents a clear attempt to escape from useless post-modern formalistic debates of those times. It is an exercise about form in the deepest sense of the word. There is, however, the idea of malleability or plasticity around, as the fragmentation and re-organisation of the elements seems to detach architecture from geometry.  EN   ES

architect: POUCHULU / project: 1984 / location: Pampas / area: 370 sqm. / Copyright © Patricio Pouchulu Architect 2001