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CREATIVITY: There are always different, new and innovative solutions for any architectural problem. MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: Form and function are unimportant, what matters is the capacity of a space for surprising and adapting to our needs. (e.g.: a car can be used for traveling... or for living several hours during a long trip). BEAUTY: Geological and biological forms are our basic inspirational source. Old architectural languages no longer exist. SENSUALITY: Like the body of a beautiful woman, Architecture has to inspire our soul. Our buildings are both strong and delicate. PRECISION: Buildings can be designed like any other machine to a set standard with precise guidelines. FLUIDITY: Curved lines talk about positive, prospective, clear and optimistic futures. Curves represent freedom. ORGANIC: This means spaces are rich and complex; offering different possible uses, functions, adaptations and views. FLEXIBLE: By super-imposing different functions, forms are less rigid, hence buildings are easily adaptable for the future. STRUCTURED: Within shells, roofs, bubbles, platforms and decks, there are three-dimensional structures. Buildings can be conceived as ships. ORGANISATION: Spaces must be re-organized thinking of macro and micro structural zones, private or public, always orientated into a dialogue between exterior needs and internal new functions. DE-CONCENTRATION: In spite of tragic visions, the Earth is quite big. There is enough space for all of us. Let's de-concentrate the suburbs of big Metropolis. We urgently need new parks and leisure infrastructures. ENERGY: Buildings should produce most of their energy through new systems, innovative materials and saving concepts. We cannot afford glass boxes anymore. MOBILITY: Every person, family and social group changes trends, habitats and lifestyles. Public mobility is highly in demand. Our Office aims to design new concepts for underground, ground and aerial living and transport systems, to link mega structures and cities. ADAPTABILITY: Architecture must offer a reasonable range of urban, suburban and isolated solutions for every topic, site, and climate... always respecting historical patrimony and nature as much as we can. EVOLUTION: What we consider Architecture will change in our life time.

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Shell collected in Ipswich, 1998
Pouchulu - 20th Century Manifesto