Pouchulu architects love to experiment, and when they get an idea, there are no holds barred...
"Clare Dowdy from: www.wallpaper.com UK, December 1, 2003.

"Pouchulu's cultural elegance and sensitivity is clearly visible in his preparatory sketches (...) carefully drawn with subtle communicative expresiveness, reveal an architect who is well aware that a project must first be dreamt up and then marked down, if something new is to brought into being.
Mario Antonio Arnaboldi from: www.arcadata.com, Italia, June, 2004.

"Pouchulu.com: Visions of a better, more magical world - reminded me a lot of the drawings that used to accompany the Jules Verne books I read when I was younger. Check out the sketches for the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza - beautiful."
M. Schmidt from: www.k10k.net USA, December 31, 2002.

"Patricio P. Pouchulu, argentino di Buenos Aires, classe 1965, è un architetto che esplora la progettazione di spazi innovativi e futuristici, ricercando su diversi temi, situazioni, luoghi. Nel sito ampi esempi del suo lavoro, che denota un'evidente costanza negli esiti formali, indice di una geniale maturità di stile."
Minotauro" from: www.architecture.it Italy, November 2002."

"If you do nothing else today, you must visit the Pouchulu website and spend a good hour or so marvelling through this unique portfolio. If you are an architect worthy of the title you will be left charged, renewed and inspired. Pouchulu's work has that effect." Not since Peter Cook…
Pedro Buccelatto from: www.architectafrica.com South Africa, November 2002.