PARLIAMENT UK - PARLIAMENT PRESS GALLERY - LONDON - February 2012. Article about Argentina and UK titled "Despite Falklands, ARgentina and UK can still be friends" - Pouchulu writes about the need of developing a stronger relationship between both countries. The article was discussed in media and newspapers like The Telegraphand mentioned in Malvinas- Falklands in Falklands News. Pouchulu writes: "The links between our countries are still strong. I have visited parliament. The reception was friendly. (...) My English friends who visit Buenos Aires fall in love with the city. Is it just a combination of good weather, great bookstores, elegant architecture and malbec? I believe something more complex attracts us. Around 1920, the trade between UK and Argentina was as big as between the UK and the entirety of the Commonwealth. (...) As an example, Buenos Aires inaugurated the first underground of the southern hemisphere in 1913, the same time as New York." Full Article: