U-BOAT. One of the best industrial creations of all times, the "U-boat" German submarine series built between 1936 and 1943 was based on the U1 from 1906. The U-boat inspired designers since ever. Its soft angles and elegant, futurist profile gives the shape a complete atemporal spirit. The father of all contemporary submarines, it is as well a statement of a hidden architecture: everything there, functional devices, small pods, amazing and ingenious machines, all has been for the first time- thought, designed and built as minimal survival personal spaces. These machines are an example of how to design within extreme dimensional situations. Try to visit the Deutsches Museum, Munich, and see the only survival U-boat. Drawing: Standard U-boat (U32 series) from: Submarines in Colour, coutesy © Blandford Press 1976, Pool, UK. Drawing by John W. Wood.