JAPAN always produced elegant, industrious, strong and beautiful objects and images... Their capacity for modelling reality is unique. Impossible to mistake Japanese things: landscapes, cities, costumes, design, paintings... however, due to their excessive, abstract conception of space, they did not integrate the European idea of anthropomorphic system. This, and the fact that they feel a need of exploring "outer" natural forces (like British, they live isolated within a limited territory) make them believe that everything can and will change following the discovery of technical extensions (devices). This is quite visible in the astonishing video-games and Anime industries (quite violent), that accelerated our global conscience while exporting their psychological drama of being the first victims of the nuclear holocaust. However, together with their executors, they have confronted the last European Romantic principle: the humanist individualism; of Renaissance origin, it took final form in the 19th Century, reaching a balance between art and technique. Is it possible to integrate both lines of thinking? I try. Photo: "Fuji mountain in clear weather", Hokusai, circa 1830. From "Hokusai", courtesy: Hugo Klickowski editions, 2002.