AFRICA influenced Europe's art since 1900, when African sculpture started to inspire the imagination of European artists. In Africa, the link between space and structure is different: they seem to belong to the same order, affecting all kind of forms. Afro Hairs can be considered an act of formal perfection: a same element becomes structure and form... This idea, to alter some matter by manipulating just single elements, is a constant in every african artistic expression, and quite spectacular in Music. Architecture should explore this approach; to model each individual form and then to mix and combine different ones, and not the opposite, like in European classical languages. A single element can be transformed in something complex, analysing specific spatial conditions (horizontality, gravity), and new structural configurations (towards flexible materiality and organic spaces). I would not mind a building to be treated like the ladies' hair: What kind of forms could we reach? Picture (fragment) from: "Untouched", The Emotions, © Stax Records (circa 1970, photographer unknown)