Oct 2012 - MUNICH / M I S S I O N - Pouchulu and Ugo Dossi sharing great conversations, imagining universes.

Sep 2012 - EINDHOVEN / V I S I T - Pouchulu visits the City of Eindhoven, the TU/e (Technische Universiteit) and the Van Abbenmuseum, where he finds a surprise / AMSTERDAM / ME E T I N G - Pouchulu explores Amsterdam, the vibrant and romantic city of canals.

Jul 2012 - BUENOS AIRES / L E T T E R  - La Nación (most important Argentinean newspaper) publishes Pouchulu's letter to the Editor defending the protection of the Buenos Aires Zoo, one of the oldest in the world (1886), subject of real estate speculation in recent years.

April 2012 - BUENOS AIRES / I N   M E M O R I A M - Jorge Glusberg (1932-12) Patron of arts and architecture in Buenos Aries since the late sixties.

Mar-Apr 2012 - BUENOS AIRES / M E E T I N G S - Engineer Nick Maclean in Buenos Aires; he joins Hein de Vries and we all visit the Barolo.

Picture: Internal coloured glass wall at the Royal National Hotel hall (Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair, Galleon Suite). Photo: Pouchulu, courtesy of Royal National Hotel, London.