City Digestor 2001
Sep 2000 - BUENOS AIRES /  L E C T U R E  - LONDON LIVING STEREO  - MNBA - Introduced by Jorge Glusberg. /  1st. A R T   B I E N N I A L - Pouchulu receives Ugo Dossi in Buenos Aires. They enjoy talking with Jean Baudrilliard. Pouchulu meets conceptual artists Joseph Kosuth (New York), and Marta Minujin (Buenos Aires).

City Digestor 2001
2000 - HANNOVER /  W O R L D   F A I R  - Pouchulu visits the World Fair.

Jul 2000 - MUNICH /  M E E T I N G  - Pouchulu meets Ugo Dossi, his best friend from Munich -

Jul 2000 - PARIS /  T R I P  - Pouchulu goes to Paris for the 14th of July. Extraordinary fireworks at the Tour Eiiffel. He explores bookshops along Boulevard Saint Germain.

Jun  2000 - VENEZIA /  B I E N N A L E  - WOODSDREAM  - San Giorgio Maggiore - Open-Air Installation. Pouchulu meets Jean 
Nouvel. Pouchulu visits the pabilions with Jorge Glusberg, and go for dinner with Luis Grossman at Lido.

May 2000 - LONDON / M E E T I N G - Jorge Glusberg, Clorindo Testa and Pouchulu spend a few days lecturing and visiting museums.

Mar 2000 - MUNICH /  E X H I B I T I O N  +  L E C T U R E  - ARCHITECTURAL FICTIONS PART  I - Audimax Hall. FHM Munich - Introduced by Michael Gaenssler /  U R B A N  T R I P   - Pouchulu moves to Neuhausen. He gets an old bicycle that brings him great moments, discovering hidden places in the most beautiful German city. He explores in detail the areas of Maxvorstadt and Schawing.

Feb 2000 - LONDON /  L E C T U R E  - PATRICIO POUCHULU  - Lecture - Go4 The Bartlett - UCL - Introduced by Peter Cook.

Picture: Pouchulu's Architectural Fictions, advertisement posters placed around FHM, Munich, 2000.