Dec 1999 - MUNICH /  T H O U G H T  - Half a metre of snow seems to cover the whole World: Tacitus was right about Germania.

Nov 1999 - MUNICH /  T E A C H I N G  - Pouchulu moves to Munich. and starts teaching at the FHM Munich, Germany. He enjoys the quiet athmosfere and finds the city nearly noisless, an unexpected gift.

Oct 1999 - LONDON /  C E R E M O N Y  - Pouchulu attends the M.Arch Graduation Ceremony, UCL, University of London

Apr 1999 - BUENOS AIRES /  E X H I B I T I O N   - ARCHITECTURAL FICTIONS  - Private Exhibition - PAC

Picture: Pouchulu walking towards the National Gallery, London. Photo by Biek.