Oct 1998 - VENICE and VICENZA /  T R I P  - Pouchulu and Biek visit Northern Italy, including Palladio's masterpieces.

Oct 1998 - LONDON /  L O N D O N   B R I D G E   P R O J E C T  - EXHIBITION - GO4 - The Bartlett - M.Arch. Show 1998.

Aug 1998 - LONDON /  C O N V E R S A T I O N  - Patricio Pouchulu shows his London Bridge Project to Sir Norman Foster in a friendly morning conversation.

Jul 1998 -  LONDON / 309 ROOM.

Jan 1998 - LONDON /  L I V E   P R O J E C T  - EAST STREET MARKET - Pouchulu imagines his first live project: WAL - Walking Architecture Linear, to be developed six years later.

Picture: Pouchulu at Villa Rotonda, Palladio, near Venice, 1998.