Sep 1997 - LONDON & SANDBANKS /  M E E T I N G  - Pouchulu goes to Pool. He finds at home in the train, he sits by Peter Cook and they talk about Buenos Aires, Archigram and urban patterns in UK.

Sep 1997 - LONDON /  S T U D I E S  - The Bartlett  - M.Arch starts. First Conversations between Pouchulu and Peter Cook.

Sep 1997 - BUENOS AIRES - PARIS - LONDON /  F L I G H T  - He thinks of running a Mobile Office. 

Aug 1997 - BUENOS AIRES /  A W A R D  - British Council & FNA Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina - Pouchulu wins the British Council & Fondo Nacional de las Artes Scholarship, given for the first time. First Argentinean architect awarded. He receives the news one thursday morning while teaching Architectural Design at Ciudad Universitaria.

Feb 1997 - SOUTH OF BRAZIL /  T R I P  - Pouchulu visits Santa Catarina do Sul, he falls in love with the landscpae and its people. He starts to imagine Bond House, after seeing rare, gigantic stones in some virgin beach not far from Santa Marta.

Picture (frag): Pouchulu receiving award from Amalita Lacroze de Fortabat, Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo. Photo: photographer FNA.