Nov 1994 - BUENOS AIRES /  M E E T I N G  - Pouchulu visits the Cuban Embassy; he notices the situation in the embassy is rather stressful.*

Oct 1994 - BUENOS AIRES /  T E A C H I N G  - Pouchulu lectures about the work of Frank Lloyd Wright at FADU, UBA.

Jan 1994 - BUENOS AIRES /  P R O J E C T  - Casa en un Acantilado is designed in a weekend. It was later published as House in a Cliff and placed in Califorina as a homage to those pioneers like Frank Lloyd Wright or John Lautner. Six years later Pouchulu receives -while living in Germany- a proposal for putting the house on sale through a real estate North-American company.

* This is five years after the the Fall of the Berlin Wall.