Jun 1993 - BUENOS AIRES /  P R O J E C T  - Edificio Central de Comunicaciones, final perspective. Apr 1993 - BUENOS AIRES /  T E A C H I N G  - Pouchulu starts a series of meetings with the FADU authorities trying to re-organising academic issues. He finds odd feedback from established Professors. The school is too much focused in politics. For him, good Architecture has nothing to do with politics.

Mar 1993 - BUENOS AIRES /  T E A C H I N G  - Pouchulu re-starts teaching at FADU, UBA. 3rd. year Architectural Design and Theory of Architecture courses within Miguel Angel Roca's cŠtedra. He has great conversations with Roca, Eduardo NarvŠez, Victor Villasuso and Irene Breuer. However, Pouchulu does not find appropriate the useless territorial attitude among teachers based on years spent rahter than knowledge.

Feb 1993 - BUENOS AIRES /  B U I LD I N G  - Casa Atelier's new garden: after designing the new layout, the level of the ground is lifted-up nearly a metre. A complex operation of transplanting citrus, trees and smaller plants is undertaken with great difficulty. The garden (first stage of three) is ready by April.