Nov 1988 - BUENOS AIRES /  F A I L E D   E X H I B I T I O N S  - Art Galleries in Buenos Aires admire his work but refuse to exhibit it. He feels rather upset. He visits the French Embassy, but his intuition points towards Anglo-saxon territories. The country's economy is falling again into a terminal, devastating crisis.

Sep 1988 - BUENOS AIRES /  C O L L E C T I O N  - He gets the record "Kim, Kim, Kim" by Kim Weston, an extraordinary collectable piece of one of the most evocative moments of 20th Century black music, in a small and second hand record shop in calle Moreno, full of lost gems. (closed down around 2000).

Jun 1988 - BUENOS AIRES /  M E E T I N G S  - He has long conversatons with his friend Miguel Angel Ortega -his best friend at school- about life, Buenos Aires and diverse architecture issues in Pasaje de la Piedad.

Apr 1988 - BUENOS AIRES /  S E L E C T E D   P R O J E C T S  - Middle year exhibition - FADU UBA. Pouchulu thinks of taking holidays, too much commitment for many years.