Jul 1987 - BUENOS AIRES /  T E A C H I N G  - He starts teaching Architecture at UBA (ad-honorem) while studying in the fifth design year.

Jun 1987 - BUENOS AIRES /  S E L E C T E D   P R O J E C T S  - Centro de Exhibiciones La Rural - Representing UBA. He is very proud of this event, however he noticed a funny smell... the place UBA got was reguarly used as the PIG pabillion* (Pabellón de los Cerdos).

May 1987 - BUENOS AIRES /  P U B L I S H I N G  - he founds the magazine MODOS, within Miguel Angel Roca's course. it is well received by students. The magazine was published three times and is still remembered by friends who shared those fascinating years. He is the director of the magazine, assited by Miguel Angel Orgega, Diego Rodriguez and a bunch of students from all levels, who collaborated with passion.

May 1987 - BUENOS AIRES /  C O L L E C T I O N  - he gets the vinyl record "Spirit in the Dark", a collectable piece by Aretha Franklin -his favourite femaile singer- in a small second-hand record shop in calle Libertad between Arenales and Avenida Santa Fe (closed down, early 2000).

* "Pabellon de los Cerdos". La Rural is a private agricultural corporarion established in 1866. Since then they exhibit iin the capital, every year, the best awarded cows, bulls and other animals. They also exhibit machinery and diverse industrial products. It was smelly.