Sep 1986 - BUENOS AIRES /  G A B O T O   B U I L D I N G  - an intensive work on megastructures ended up with two versions of the same project. Gaboto I's perspectrive becomes famous in the school.

Ago 1986 - BUENOS AIRES /  T E C H N I K  - Pouchulu works with a Macintosh Plus ED and Apple II GS, the most advanced machine at that time.

Jul 1986 - BUENOS AIRES /  L A   B O C A   P R O J E C T S  - Middle year exhibition - FADU - UBA. Pouchulu reaches a great design quality through this project; it took nearly four months. Around June or July he finishes the first stage of a research about Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. He has a first approach to the German expressionist movement, and he loves it. In his coloured perspectives, he applies a new mixed technique based on oil, ink and pencil.

Apr 1986 - BUENOS AIRES /  D R A W I N G - Pouchulu starts the series "Arboles', detailed pencil drawings inspired by the old trees of his beloved neighborhood, Recoleta.