Nov 1985 - BUENOS AIRES /  M E E T I N G  - Pouchulu briefly meets Richard Meier at the 1st Buenos Aires Biennial, who influences his early work. He also has a quick conversation with Norman Foster, but fails with Richard Rogers.

Sep 1985 - BUENOS AIRES /  C O L L E C T I O N  - He finds the record "Ellington Indigos" a collectable piece by Duke Ellington -one of his best records ever- in "king's Carol" a traditional record shop in Avenida Corrientes (close down in the mid 90's).

Jun 1985 - BUENOS AIRES /  T E C H N I K  - A year later after playing with a Mac for the first time, Pouchulu works with an Apple II C+. He becomes familiar with the easy, comfortable interface. There was no proper CAD programmes yet but he contacts an offce that was actually developing a design software. He starts learning... but he knows that nothing can replace his hand drawing on paper... because there is no extra (electronic) interface in between. These are early years for computers. But he likes high technology*.

Apr 1985 - BUENOS AIRES /  P R O J E C T  - Student Residences, Palermo Cultural Centre.

* Fifteen more years will be needed to have a basic design software like Vectorworks or Archicad: however, thanks to software engineers who know little about Architecture, BIM systems are too complicated to use (this note is from 2009).