Aug 1984 - BUENOS AIRES /  S T U D I E S  - The abstract World of Le Corbusier starts to fascinate him, but he secretly loves the endless, sensitive and powerful universe of Frank Lloyd Wright. He starts a research about the work of these Masters.

Apr 1984 - BUENOS AIRES /  B O O K   F A I R  +  T E C H N I K  - Pouchulu visits the Buenos Aires International Book Fair (Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires), one of the most succesful cultural events worldwide, following the tradition of the Frankfurt Book Fair.  This year it is dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges. He met him a few times since he was 15 years old (his father Pedro produced a short film in 1979 about and with Borges). In this second visit to the fair he stops in the Apple computers' stand; they were introducing the Macintosh (512k and Apple IIC and IIC+); he plays for a while with the Mac: first sight love with Apple products.

Apr 1984 - BUENOS AIRES /  S T U D I E S  - Pouchulu notices that some of the courses in the Architecture School are old-fashioned. He has his first arguments with young, unprepared teachers. However, thanks to Nicomedes Iguain, he meets Oscar Maisonave*, extraordinary Art History Professor and an architect himself, who will conduct his learning into fascinating territories for the next six years.

* Oscar Maisonave passed away in 1999.