Dec 1983 - BUENOS AIRES /  G R A F F I T I  - After an impasse of six years, Argentina returns to Democracy. Pouchulu (eighteen years old) notes that activist groups behave rather violent, damaging the public space and ignoring the Law, now in the name of Democracy. He really hates political graffity on public spaces produced by demonstrators and organised by politicians, destroying private property, public monuments and infrastructure of his beloved Buenos Aires. He has conversations with Europeans about this issue. They cannot answer his questions.

Jul 1983 - BUENOS AIRES /  P R O J E C T  - Office Hall, a great internal Atrium within an office buildling, located in Bariloche.

Apr 1983 - BUENOS AIRES /  S T U D I E S  - Pouchulu enters the Architecture School, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FAU - UBA). His is very excited about the words "Architectural Design" but the scale of the institution is out of control: thou the place is very competitive, the large number of students threatens the quality of education. He does not feel comfortable, the school is slightly de-humanized and a bit detached from the heart of the city -where it used to be years ago-.