Ago 1982 - BUENOS AIRES /  P R O J E C T  - Mobile fantasies (early project).

Jul 1982 - BUENOS AIRES /  F I L M  - Pouchulu goes to Cine Santa Fe 1 to see BLADE RUNNER from Ridley Scott. He is very impressed about the story and the amazing beauy of this unique art piece, but it also confirms his impressions about the violent change of aesthetics into a dark, nearly sadistic imaginery that -unfortunately- was about to dominate the global scenery till today*.

Jul 1982 - BUENOS AIRES /  S T U D I E S  - He studies with detail plans of ships. He is excited while inspecting some plans of the "25 de Mayo", Argentine aircraft carrier, found in a bookshop around Avenida Corrientes (closed down around 2000).

Apr 1982 - BUENOS AIRES /  P A C K I N G  - Argentina recovers -for a few weeks- the Islas Malvinas, invaded by Britain 149 years before (1833). This bloody, fast war between friends ended up with the death of 1000 heroic soldiers, both sides. According to the memoirs writen by the British commanders years later, Argentina was about to win -a glorious Argentine Naval and Air Force campaign dismantled the Royal Navy- but the war suddenly ended when a rumor appeared in the media: UK was thinking of dropping a nuclear bomb in Cordoba... (province capital en central Argentina). The continent was not involved in the war; Pouchulu (seventeen years old) volunteered in Buenos Aires packing supply boxes to be sent to the islands.

Mar 1982 - BUENOS AIRES /  S T U D I E S  - Pouchulu enters the 5th, last year at Secundario (High School), Colegio de La Salle, founded in France by Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, Paris, 1680.

* This text was last revised: June 2010.