Sep 1979 - BUENOS AIRES / M E E T I N G -  Pedro, Patricio's father, is a filmmaker. He produces a film directed by Jose Di Zeo about Jorge Luis Borges (who also appears and briefly acts in the movie), about his masterpiece short story "El Sur". Borges, already blind, kisses Patricio and talks with him for a few seconds, or hours… He will meet him later a few times.

Feb 1979 - BARILOCHE / T R I P  - Pouchulu goes to Patagonia with his school, that has a summer housing complex in Lago Gutierrez. He already admires nature, the big blue lakes within a silent and immense landscape. Since this trip, mountains and valleys catch his interest even more. He imagines an interior office space, drawn two years later.

Jan 1979 - PINAMAR /  C I N E M A  - Pouchulu enjoys the extraordinary science fiction movie "Alien" from Ridley Scott, at an open-air cinema in the beach, one Saturday late evening.

* Lago Gutiérrez, about 20 km from Bariloche.