Dec 1977 - BUENOS AIRES /  C I N E M A  P R E M I E R E  - All the Pouchulu family goes to the premiere of "Star Wars" at Cine Metro *, on Cerrito street. Patricio is delighted: a different spatial dimension is revealed on the screen. He dislikes, however, the excess of violence. He wonders how the special effect were made and he loves the matt paintings. A few weeks later he gets balsa wood and starts building models.

Mar 1977 - BUENOS AIRES / Part of Patricio's neighourhood disappears; the demolition of the last three blocks ("manzanas") continues, and the beloved piazzoletta Plaza Toribio Tedin is gone. This will affect Patricio's emotions about politics, progress and Buenos Aires.

Jun 1977 - BERISSO /  S H I P  L A U N C H  - Pouchulu's father brings him to work one cold morning, to shoot a key part of a documentary film in AFNE, the big shipyards not far from Buenos Aires, the biggest in South America. The ship (about 200 metres long) is ready to leave the dry building deck. After a couple of hours the blessing ceremony is ready and the Champagne bottle breaks on the bow... the massive, huge structure becomes alive, movings on its kee: like a temerarious monster, it slowly displaces on the land towards the water. Everything moves, like in an earthquake. This is one of the most shaking experiences Patricio had in his childhood. The power of Man and industry, building a piece of Architecture that floats. He returns a few times to the shipyard.**

* Cine Metro, built in the 50's, was one of the biggest cinemas in the world. Sadly, it closed down around 2005 due to financial problems and a lack of interest, Ignorant businessmen and idiotic Mayors did not care in protecting it as an historical monument. Not just the size (2100 seats) or the exquisite rationalist details, but its incredible acoustic, wide screen and sense of space were unique. ** Astilleros Rio Santiago was re-activated in 2003 and it is now working at its normal capacity. (text last revised: july 2010)